Maine Coon Problems

Maine Coon Problems

Maine Coon Problems First issue:

     No. 1 reason for death, mischances:
      - The feline gets hit by an auto
      - Fall from one story

Safety measures

Maine Coon mischances
- Outputs must be done under supervision and entire feline ought to be kept bolted up (the call of nature, particularly in the month of February is powerful). For one who has an opportunity to get out, sustenance will be disseminated at night on his arrival, will go hungry
- A little cat can be diverted by any flying bug and lose your equalization, put a security net to your gallery or your window

Second issue:

Bacterial contaminations:
- Pneumonia
- Urinary contaminations going back to the kidneys can harm the kidneys irreversibly
- The looseness of the bowels. The parchedness taking after watery looseness of the bowels can be deadly


Pneumonia in Maine Coon
- It's been as pneumonia prowls: the temperature control framework in felines is not as successful as that of the puppy
- For auto ventures in hot climate, give a wet towel to put in its vehicle box
- Recognize the trouble breathing: the feline inhales "with the stomach", quick veterinary treatment will spare the
- High fever must be instantly treated by the veterinarian (past 39 ° 5 to 39 ° 2 is not fever)
- Dehydration (eyes seem depressed, squeeze neck skin, on the off chance that she doesn't return rapidly up the feline is got dried out) until we have the right item blends somewhat nectar with mineral water + a + Smecta minimal salt and make him swallow a syringe (without needle) each half hour 5 milliliters

Third issue:


Fragile organ in the cat by and large
Kidney disappointment is normal in felines more than 10 years, on the other hand, cases in youthful 5/6 years bring up issues (not PKD)


Maine Coon kidney problem
This is a subject that ought to be concentrated on, a veterinary proposal would be welcome. There are unanswered inquiries regarding a conceivable inclination maine coon-to kidney disappointment. In the perspective of a professional who controlled sonographically several maine coon in Ile de France, kidney issues are not identified with the PKD.

Fourth issue:

Maybe the second reason for death


Maine Coon tumor problem
- They are unusual, they abandon us powerless and irate Us
They ought to on a fundamental level that touches our old felines, however, it is a long way from dependably the case.

Fifth issue: 

Destructive Viruses:

- Typhus - uncommon in light of the fact that the antibody is viable
- FeLV leucosis immunization to
- Feline Immunodeficiency IVF, no immunization
- PIF cat irresistible peritonitis, no immunization in France, yet in neighboring Belgium, Switzerland, Germany


Destructive viruses in Maine Coon
Immunization is the best anticipation. The leukemia immunization is tiring for a little cat (should as of now bolster withdrawal in three months, tattoo, essential inoculations, change of location), we prescribe holding up until it has made its imprint with its new proprietor. Meanwhile, it ought not to turn out, the antibody is discretionary for the feline that does not and won't meet the destiny obscure
.- Fiv and leukemia are the parcel of stray felines and has no spot in the ranches that keep their felines kept
- Breeding driving: Any new must experience isolate, tests are legitimate just on the day they are made and cannot make note of a late hatching. On the off chance that the test was made upon the arrival of obtaining, they ought to be changed following 10 days.
- PCR tests look straightforwardly infection DNA and thusly are in this manner dependable in examination to those searching for antibodies in the blood
- A homestead that needs to stay unscathed denies outside contacts by projections
- The nark is not distinguishable outside examination, it appears that agriculturists have immunized their workforce for quite a long while, did not discover hints of coronavirus. The best counteractive action is the nonattendance of staff heavy in a restricted space, the transformation of a trite coronavirus being favored by wantonness.

Sixth issue:

THE CORYZA is a term that incorporates three sicknesses
Infections can get to be perpetual regardless of good inoculation -
- Herpes infection malady
- Calici
- Chlamydia (bacterium Chlamydophila psittacine)

Three can be consolidated or a solitary show.


Maine Coon sickness problem
The herpes infection - is exceedingly infectious (a day expo for instance, without contact, just by breathing the air), yet it is not all around treated in like manner (aside from in extremely youthful cats who cannot suck) : very much focused on anti-microbial + put the feline in a room warmed to 38 ° for 3 days, the infection is killed like this season's flu virus in people. This regularly starts with swollen eyes, wheezing and a high fever - like influenza.

- Calici is entirely tricky in light of the fact that it is regularly restricted to gingivitis which is not found in the little cat but rather just in youthful grown-ups. Calicivirus is an infection that changes, the strains don't have the same forcefulness. Contingent upon the strain, it causes high fever and weakness, it is additionally suspected to bring about the looseness of the bowels. On the off chance that a mother is contaminated amid pregnancy or while breastfeeding her little cats hazard a fatal and obliterating pneumonia (48 hours)

- There are two antibodies, the manufactured and the other by inactivated infection, the second may be more successful however leaves follows - detected by PCR - in the body. The manufactured antibody is no more suited to current strains, veterinarians are seeing more cases, and they don't have the parade.

Another manufactured immunization (or hereditary building) was discharged in July 2005, will tell its viability for little cats who have not been contaminated by their moms. The issue stays for those constant and who got immunizations incapable for a considerable length of time.
The nasal antibody is not approved in France; it is utilized as a part of the USA, by the rancher himself, occasionally on little cats as youthful as four weeks and the mother. This permits to hold up until the age of 7 weeks or 9 injection vaccines.