Maine Coon Reproduction

Maine Coon Reproduction

How Maine Coons are Reproduced

1 - Farrowing of Maine-coon 
2 - Consideration of the cats 
3 - Picking a cat
4 -The entry of the little cat home

PUTTING DOWN-a-Maine coon

See likewise the tale of a span


Money put out there: an expansive pet hotel/transport box that opens on the top or container 60 cm long x 40 profs.x 40 above. minimum, with an opening of the body size. on the other hand even better, similar to cotton and expensive plastic plate for smaller person rabbits, 1m long x 50cm wide, high (with an entryway) 46cm (taking in patio nursery or pet), opening on the top, it leaves rather than a little litter box.

Put a thick layer of spongy material in the crate base.

Small equipment: Small, lightweight clasps, scissors, strong wire, 1 paper towel move, Vaseline, betadine, little pear douche, towels, fluid nectar, boiling hot water bottle, one plastic sack to discard placentas and paper towels recolored, a crate Wombyl PA (drug store or veterinary)
The room ought to be warmed to somewhere around 22 and 25 °.


Check the temperature twice per day in the prior week farrowing ***.

The typical temperature of 38 ° down in 5 days before and stagnates around 37 ° 8 then tumbles to 37 ° 5. This temperature can be steady for a few days and/or switch around the same time at 37 ° 3. This is an ideal opportunity to make himself accessible and set up the gear around. The trigger may be quick or inside of 12 hours.
Lock it in a little space, on the agony of having cat’s supine, solidified, over the room or choked in the litter. Uproot the front of the litter box, put it a few layers of paper towels.


Development OF uterine COL

The feline is unpleasant, don't stay set up, paw paperboard or strangely stays still in its container. This conduct may last up to twelve hours: with regards to a feline having cats interestingly (primiparous) the development keeps going longer. For whatever length of time that the feline does not develop, there is no compelling reason to stress; there is nothing to do except for watch it.
A few felines totally need your vicinity, to the point of relinquishing a little cat - who will bite the dust - in the pocket to better contact you, others you toss looks obviously angry incensed to see you go to their work (I think in Venice who has overseen at the first reach, as a pioneer, to weaning and not upbeat at all that we set output out to touch the cats).


The loss of the mucous fitting = to see on the machine pretty much wet and/or recolored pink shading, it is not generally recognizable, particularly as pussy licking. The constrictions start.
Check the recurrence and quality of compressions and note the time. Data is fundamental to the vet if entanglements.

The pack contains the little cat and amniotic liquid .. This pocket once in a while suddenly penetrated or is punctured by the mother licks her genital territory. Regularly the little cat is removed rapidly for a somewhat more capable than the past withdrawal.


maine coon help
YES, if the little cat appears to be stuck before the vulva (hard protuberance in the butt). Envision that the little cat is inside a sock and the section is tight and does not slip.
Wash your hands; roll the vulva, with the finger layer of Vaseline inside the pocket between the vulva and skin. Rub by squeezing, over the rear-end, within (the roof) of the base of the tail, it fortifies constrictions.

Add fluid nectar to the mother that assistance in the exertion.

Try not to animate the cat as the head is not obvious, it might be the wrong reflex to suck and suffocate. The cat might for the rear end, this is ordinary. When the head is free, you can open the pocket.

On the off chance that the head is stuck inside, attempt to raise the "sock" over his head, take a paper towel and draw the little cat towards the womb. Right out, flip around, to rub it yells, tenderly suck the bodily fluid from the nose and mouth with a pear (the lungs are delicate). Fortify long as he is not breathing ordinarily. You can likewise suck yourself nose + mouth (don't blow the danger of refluxing fluid in portions).

The umbilical line ought to be cut no less than 4 cm or + tummy.

When all is said in done, farrowing endures 4 to 6 hours

Every little cat is removed in a variable period from a few minutes to two hours. Regularly the first cat out all the more gradually and the accompanying all the more rapidly.


Numerous felines don't eat the placenta and don't cut the umbilical line. Some of the time all little cats are tangled (it gives a dreamlike sight!) To the point that some are excessively caught, making it impossible to go suck.

Consideration little cat during childbirth

Check relaxing. Completely dry the little cat in the rubbing. Pour betadine on the line. See the weight on a sheet, in light of the fact that you will measure each day. On the off chance that the little cats are comparative, take note of the hues and outlines.

On the off chance that the mother and claims the fretful put the pacifier some time recently. Generally, put the warm, against a high temp water bottle (avoid water jug does the trap) wrapped until the mother is accessible.

CARE's mom

At the point when calving is finished, essayed palpate the tummy (when it is on its 4 feet) to check that the stomach is void placenta and little cat.

If all else fails, give wombyl. The uterus will diminish and withdraw in the hours that take after; this ought to premature you better watch that there is neither more nor little cat placenta. Something else, take the feline to the vet pour check. The temperature ought to be taken morning and night for five days to ensure there is no contamination.

The temperature can ascend to 39 ° 2 the accompanying two days when milk stream. It will come down to 38: 9 on the fourth day.

*** N.B. outlet temperature

It is ideal to be two to do it. Try not to battle with the mother, as the temperature estimation is simple with a pooch, so it can turn into a risky game with the talk: hazardous for the feline that gets frantic and unsafe for you that may nibble or hooks.

In the event that you are separated from everyone else, attempt to appraise the temperature at the base of the ear with your fingers, when a feline has a ton of temperature, it's really obvious.